Covered Bridge Cast Stone

Architectural Precast Concrete manufacturer serving the Mid-Atlantic region. We specialize in and provide cast stone design, manufacturing and delivery for Fire and Police Station projects nationwide!

A division of Covered Bridge Precast LLC
Covered Bridge is now USGBC Certified for LEED projects
Covered Bridge is now USGBC Certified for LEED projects

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Pending Architectural Precast Association and Cast Stone Institute certifications coming after the move to our plant in January 2022. Our current quality control manual exceeds all specifications set forth by the APA & CSI certifications! APA website >>

Covered Bridge has manufactured Custom Architectural Precast & Cast Stone on a smaller scale since 1985. Since 2018 our Cast Stone division has been handled as a complete separate division from Covered Bridge Precast to better serve complicated masonry projects.

We are now a full service Cast Stone provider for large & small projects with the following services:

  • Estimating & takeoffs
  • New & Restoration projects
  • Approval Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Layout Drawings
  • Production of Wet Cast and Vibrant Dry Tamp Architectural items
  • Delivery & Unloading
  • Industry leading warranty
Cast Stone done by Kinzer Cast
Covered Bridge Cast Stone Project photos portfolio

Our Manufacturing Process

We use the Wet Cast method on most projects so you can expect uniform color and finishes across the entire project.

  • 8,000 PSI Wet Cast with Sand Finish
  • Wet sandblasted to exposed all bug holes and imperfections
  • The entire Cast Stone item then gets hand rubbed to ensure the highest quality
  • A final acid etch exposes the fine sands for a natural cut limestone appearance
  • The “pre-weathered” surface will remain consistent for a very long period of time

The Covered Bridge plants uses the Continuous Improvement concept by Toyota

Continuous Improvement + the high quality Craftsmanship by our local Lancaster County Amish workforce is the main reason that Covered Bridge is fast becoming a leader in the Cast Stone Industry.


This finish is achieved by casting concrete against a smooth hard surface.

Drip edges are saw cut for the most uniform and effective drip edge available.

After removal from the form the element is allowed to harden to a uniform hardness.

The product is then washed with a mild wet-sandblast to remove the cement surface to a sand surface level.

Our hand rub process will then create a uniform surface across the entire piece.

A final acid rinse exposes the fine sands and creates a natural weathered look while making the new Cast Stone piece clean as a whistle.

The result is a smooth sand textured surface.

Reasons for Use

  • Excellent structural strength, Cast Stone made with the Wet-Cast method can be used for the complete project.
  • Acid etching produces a surface closely resembling natural stones such as limestone, brownstone and sandstone.
  • The “pre-weathered” surface will remain consistent for a very long period of time.
  • Detail is not damaged with acid etching.
  • Exposed sand retains more “sparkle” with acid etching than with sandblasting.

Positive Features

  • A finer sand texture can be achieved than with sandblasting.
  • Brighter, deeper colors are achieved with acid etching.
  • Retention of detail is best achieved with acid etching.
  • Acid etching minimizes surface crazing by removing the cement skin on the surface.


  • The method of applying and removing acid over a larger area is difficult to achieve with great consistency. Our innovative process produces a very consistent color and texture across entire area.
  • This surface is not as easy to patch as deeper etches. (This does not apply to minor “bug” holes which are fairly easy to grout and refinish.) To ensure a durable product Covered Bridge recycles all Cast Stone that is cracked or does not have structural integrity.
  • Imperfections in the form show more readily than on deeper etches. Our hand finish and secondary acid wash eliminates all imperfections.
  • Return, or vertical, casts will have air-voids. Our hand finish and secondary acid wash eliminates all air voids.
  • Acid etching can be a seasonal activity in Northern climates with some producers. Our climate controlled plant gives you a consistent product year round!


  • As stated above, surfaces cast vertically will have minor air voids. These will be hand rubbed and rewashed.
  • The color and texture of sand used is very important with acid etched elements. It is an important ingredient in controlling the appearance and color of the precast element.


  • This finish is used to achieve a bright, sparkling natural stone look. It is used successfully on smaller trim work such as sills, lintels, belt course and similar decorative elements. It is challenging and a little more expensive for large panel work

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